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Acceleration & EM radiation

  1. Jul 2, 2011 #1
    Why does a moving particle particle emit EM-radiation?
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    This applies to charged particles that are accelerating or decelerating.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Whether accelerating charges emit radiation appears to depend on the accelerating force. If the accelerating force is due to a uniform gravitational field, the charge does not appear to emit radiation.

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    It seems this question about acceleration of charges and the emission of EM comes up every so often. It is not as straight forward as one may imagine. I suggest the OP read some of the recent threads on this as there is a lot of information in them, too much to repeat here. I do note though that the question was why? I'm not sure that this can be answered in a physics forum.
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    Why it depends on the accelerating force? if I "drop electron" from the roof of my house what would happen?
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