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Acceleration of charges at Big Bang

  1. Nov 13, 2005 #1
    If charged particles; like protons and electrons and the others;
    come out of the singularity then they ought to be accelerated
    by inflation. If a great increase in space epxansion took place and
    this is identical to "accelerating" then charged particles ought
    to have radiated light. This burst of inflationary radiation is what
    we see now as "Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation."
    The light emitted during the inflationary epoch would be
    redshifted by the inflation itself. Cosmologically speaking
    expansion/inflation redshifts light. Stretching space stretches
    the light traversing that space.

    If we can calculate the original radiation from these accelerating
    particles then by comparing their wavelength now(CMBR) we might
    be able to accertain the exact duration of the "inflation." We could
    know exactly how long it took place.

    Anybody say differently?

    Mitch Raemsch -- Light Falls --
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    IIRC, massive particals did not form till after the inflationary period.
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    macro: Take a look at


    The universe became transparent to radiation in "the era of recombination", way, way, way after inflation, somehwere around 1 million years after the big bang. The CMB dates from this era, before this era, radiation was absorbed as soon as it was emitted.
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    Even in case that the universe would have been transparent to radiation and that there had existed charged particles at that time, if you consider the comoving reference frame in which the cosmological principle holds, there is no motion of objects (matter, charges, fields. etc.) in space.
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    What then is the source of the CMB radiation at 1 million years?
    It has to saturate the universe from the very beginning.
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    The source of the CMB photons is the annihilation of matter and antimatter, which existed in different amounts due to an asymmetry in the baryogenesis.
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    ...matter and antimatter which formed everywhere throughout the universe from the 'plasma' that permeated the universe and was thinned/cooled by the expansion of space.
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    Here is the situation as I understand it:


    So the universe was opaque before the plasma condensed into non-ionized matter, and the above processes gave it a black-body spectrum. After the formation of matter, this ~3000 degree thermal radiation has been redshifted to the ~3 degree microwave bacground we see today due to the expansion of the universe.

    See also the wikipedia article

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    What about my first point?

    If there were charges to radiate during inflation the acceleration would have produced electromagnetic energy whether or not the universe was yet transparent.

    You get a soup of matter/light.
  11. Nov 14, 2005 #10
    When did this matter anti-matter exist?
    It anhilates right off when the universe was small.
    And what kind of matter does the asymmetry leave behind?
    It's not the matter we observe.

    what is it?
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    According to this timeline, baryogenesis took place at 10-33 sec. after the big-bang. However, as far as I know there are proposals that postulate a later baryogenesis. The matter we observe today is made of the elementary particles that did not annihilate during that epoch.
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