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Acceleration of gas turbine?

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    I am new member ( mechanical engineer student ) , and the college just add a new course which is
    Turbo machinery , any way the teacher is new to the course & the quality of our teacher is not that
    good so , I was having a question and ask him but didnt get much from him so here I am ^^

    When the plane is taking off the plane start to accelerate and that force come from the thrust when air
    flow out through nozzle , so how the pilot increase the speed its got the same intake area so how its
    can produce more thrust is it by adding more fuel in combustion chamber or does the area of nozzle
    change ?

    I wish I didn't bother with my question please help me to understand in easy language ( my main is Arabic )

    thanks ^^
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    No, you get more thrust from a gas turbine by burning more fuel. That's what the throttle control is for.
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    So you mean more fuel then more heat ,so the gas will expand and large in volume and go out of nozzle faster creating more thrust , Am I write ?

    And thnx for reply wish all the best for you ^^
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    Yes, you are right.
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    As more fuel is added, the turbine spins faster, increasing both the intake flow and the exhaust flow.
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    Im back again with more question , for sure its about turbojet engine
    1* does the combustion chamber increase the pressure or change it due to fuel addition and ignition or its only to add velocity to the compressed air ?
    2* also the thrust force that we get is from the nozzle or the turbine ?

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    The Brayton cycle is used to analyze gas turbines:


    1) The combustion chamber is open at both ends when fuel is injected and burned, so it's a constant-pressure process. The compressor at the front of the engine is the device which compresses the intake air before it enters the combustion chamber.

    2) See this article for more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbojet
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