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Homework Help: Acceleration of gravity and baseball problem

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    during a baseball game, a batter hits a popup to a fielder a distance of D m aways. the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s^2. if the ball reamins in the air for T seconds, how high does it rise.
    1. h=D/4T
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    the motion in the direction of gravity is not ralated with D, h=0.5gt^2.
    t is half of T, for T is up and down, and t is up or down
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    so which one is the answer?
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    Well, the answer is unrelated to D, so that eliminates 5 of the options.
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    yea but which one cause if i get it wrong it deducts from my score. n my score is bad enough
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    Neverland's answer should give you a clue, but you should really be able to work it out by yourself.
    The question is asking you to show your knowledge of basic equations of motion.
    Do you know these ?
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    i figured it out but now they are asking for the angle and they give you the distance and time.

    is the distance half of at the maximum height?
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