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Homework Help: Acceleration Problems

  1. Jan 28, 2010 #1
    The first one is
    It takes 40sec for a car at rest to reach a velocity of 50 m/s. What is the car's initial velocity?
    a. 0 m/s
    b. 1.25 m/s
    c. 1.25 m/s2
    d. 50 m/s
    e. 50 m/s2
    I think the equation is a=v(final)-v(intial)/t
    but it can't be because doesn't a(acceleration)= m/s2?
    so there for you don't have the number acceleration to plug in??
    Also I think I think v(final) is 50 m/s... and I don't knbow but if something
    is at rest then wouldn't that be v(intial)?? Please help!!!! I am so confused! OMG
    I really need to know this for a upcoming test

    The next one is.
    It takes 40sec for a car at rest to reach a velocity of 50 m/s. What is the car's acceleration?
    I know the answer for this one but what is confusing me is that I have to choices for this answer and they are
    A. 1.25 m/s
    B. 1.25 m/s2

    could you explain to me which one is right and how did you come to get that
    this is how I solved this problem

    I used a=v(final)-v(initial)/t(time)
    The v(final) is 50m/s and the v(initial) is 0 because the car started at rest.
    and the t is 40 (because its in seconds
    I subtracted 50-0 then divded it by 40.

    Last but not least:
    A car starts from rest has a constant acceleration of 4m/s2. In the first 3s the car travels
    a. 6m
    b. 12m
    c. 18m
    d. 172m
    I really do not understand this one. Do you use the acceleration formula.

    PLEASE HELP!! I went to tutoring at my university and they didn't know how to do them either! So help me smart people lol.

    Thank you in advance!
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    1. At rest means just that, this seems like a trick question but it isn't, you are supposed to know that without doubts. V=0

    2. HINT! The International units of measure for acceleration are ... ?

    3. The relevant formula is the acceleration formula x=Vinital*t+1/2a(tpower2) (t squared for all things.)
    Again the initial speed is like in the first.
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    Now i see you didn't understand the second m/s2 m/s

    m/s means how many meters per second an object gains (travels). than means speed

    m/s^2 means how much speed(m/s) per second an object gains (acceleration).

    You used a formula. Maybe something like a=v/t well this means that a=m/s/s=m/s^2 (for best results keep in mind that v=m/s )
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