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Acceleration question.

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    In 1865, Jules Verne proposed sending men to the Moon by firing a space capsule from a 220 m long cannon with final velocity of 10.78 km/s. What would have been the unrealistically large acceleration experienced by the space travelers during launch?

    The answer needs to be in

    Number times g.
    g = 9.81

    I tried v^2 = 1/2(a)(220)
    So v^2 = 110
    Square root of 110 = 10.48..
    Not correct..

    Don't know what to do.
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    Don't throw away the (a) going from the first to the second line, and use the given information to calculate v^2. Then solve for (a) and express as a fraction of g. Also, check your first equation. It is not correct.
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    Right so 10,780^2 is the final velocity since the first one is in k/m?

    10,780^2 = 1/2(a)(220)
    10,780^2 = 110a
    A = 1056440
    Divided by 9.81..


    Still incorrect.
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    Perhaps because your equation is still incorrect, and you have not expressed a as a multiple of g.
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    Can I not just divide the acceleration by g at the end and get the same answer?
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    bump..due in an hour 20 minutes ;)
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    Nevermind, got this one.
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