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Homework Help: Acceleration question?

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    HI I just need to know how to calculate acceleration given the following question or atl east point me in the right direction? Three friends are snowboarding? One has a mass of 50kg, one has a mass of 100kg and one has a mass of 150kg. The hill inclination is 60 degrees. There is a coeffecient of static friction of .10/ Calculate acceleration for each igrnoning air resistance.....

    Thanks and let me know
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    Well forget about the other 2 riders and just deal with 1 at a time. Draw a freebody diagram and define a coordinate system in which the x-axis is paralell to the slope. That way you can simply break all the vecotrs into x-components and deal with them that way. Only equation you need is Fnet = ma. Remember Fnet means the sum of all the forces acting on the object. There are 3 forces in this problem that can be acting on the person.
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    I get it up until that point...I get lost after doing that leg work. I know that you do sin cos tan...find the missing vector quantities, but then get sort of stuck? Do I just need to find the missing vector quantities, then divide the total by the mass? I dont assume I have to change the kg to newtons correct?
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