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Homework Help: Acceleration versus time graph - constant increase in acceleration

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    On an acceleration vs time graph, how would an object move if there was a constant increase in acceleration? Is it possible to have an acceleration v time graph be curved?

    Also, I'm seeing a pattern in the relationship between velocity vs time and acceleration vs time. Correct me if I'm wrong but when velocity has a positive slope, the acceleration is positive. When the slope is negative, the acceleration is negative too. Am I correct?
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    Chi Meson

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    The pattern you see is correct. THe slope of a v-t graph is the acceleration of the object at that moment.

    As to your first statement, a constant increase in the rate of acceleration would appear as a sloped line on an a-t graph, and an upward curve on a v-t graph.

    A curved line on an a-t graph would mean that not only was the acceleration increasing, but the rate at which the accelration increased was itself increasing.
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    For a a vs. t graph to be curved of course there would be, for example, and exponential acceleration.... i wasn't sure but i ploted one on my graphic calc using the points (1,2),(2,4),(3,16),(4,256) X being time, y being accel....if u graph it its a parabolic curve.

    I don't see any conflicts with ur v vs t and a vs t relationship but i'm tired and i'm hittng my head so i can think. The only thing is since velocity is a vector and not a scalar.....it depends on ur frame of reference so it can get tricky...be careful on how u look at the graph
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