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Homework Help: Acceleration vs force

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    The figure shows an acceleration-versus-force graph, attached, for three objects pulled by rubber bands. The mass of object 2 is 0.300 . What are the masses of objects 1 and 3?
    Part A
    ANSWER: = Answer not displayed

    Part B
    ANSWER: = Answer not displayed

    for object 2 the slope is a/F or 1/m or 1/.3kg

    For object 3 the slope is a/F or 2a/5F or 1/5F*3a, what do I do now??
    And for object 1 the slope is a/F or 5a/2F or 3a/2m what do I do now?

    How do I use this information to find the mass of object 3 and 1??????

    Thank you


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    Well, you know the mass of object 2. The graph tells you that 5N = M *5a soooo 5/(5*.3) = a and you found the multiple of a.

    Can you use that to tell you the true value of a?

    I might have read the value wrong and assumed it crossed the 5. However, it does cross the 1 without a doubt, so replace the 5's with 1's.
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    i had this same exact problem on a take home test and I still dont understand it.
    Can someone please explain this to me? PLEASE and THANK YOU
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    What does the slope of the graph represent?
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    the slope of the force acceleration graph represents mass
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