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Acceleration vs mass graph

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    If in an acceleration vs. mass (kg) graph (where the x axis reads (1/m1+m2), the inverse of the sum of masses), the best fit does interesect with the origin because if x = zero, or (1/m1+m2) = o, the final solution is unreal since it is mathematically incorrect to divide one by zero.

    Likewise, in an acceleration vs. differences of masses, best interesects with origin since when m1-m2=0, acceleration, as as result, equals to zero.

    Finally, would it be correct to stay that the y interest of an acceleration vs. mass graph represents the acceleration of the system when 0 masses are involved, or does it repersent the gravitational mass (resistance)?

    Also, how would a slope of such a graph hint at the gravitional force acting on the mass, where the units of the slop are m/s²/kg?
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    When 1/m -> 0 whe are dealing with a situation where the mass is becoming very large and therefore the force will not be able to accelerate it (or get it to move out of rest and not succeeding). That is we are trying to push a very heavy object.
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