B Acceleration Vs Velocity

Is there a correlation between acceleration and velocity?
If acceleration is rising will the velocity also rise?


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Did you look this up before asking your question?
ugh how does that affect the question?
if i had a clear understanding i wont be posting it here..


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What do you think about it? Your question reads as if you have not read anything about the topic.. PF is not an Elementary Physics Question and Answer Service. Go to Wikipedia and look up the definitions of Velocity and Acceleration, think about what you have actually asked and then ask a question that shows you have actually put some effort in. Once you put in something of your own in, you will find PF will help you further. Really.


Ugh how does that affect the question?
It matters because if we don't know how much you already know, we don't know where to start in answering your question. If you do a bit more research yourself, you'll be able to come back with a more focused question, something along the lines of "I understand this, and this, but not that - what am I not seeing?" and we can help you past the hard spot.

Without that, all we can do is spit out the definitions: Velocity is the first derivative of position; acceleration is the first derivative of velocity. That certainly states the correlation between the two, but is it a helpful answer? probably not, but it's the best anyone can do until you've put more into the question yourself.

This thread is closed, but please feel free to come back with a more carefully considered question a new thread.
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