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Accelerators and fusion of elements

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    Hi. On a general discussion forum, we were debating wether gold could be obtained from iron; I argued that this is possible, since we are at the moment recreating, in accelerators, even harsher conditions that those necessary for the creation of gold (i.e. those of a supernova core collapse). A fellow member made the following statement:
    Is he correct? Thanks.
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    Hg-196 + neutron > Au-197
    Alchemists of old just needed a simple neutron. Cheers, Jim
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    Glen Seaborg transmuted Lead into Gold in 1980. The purpose of particle accelerators is not nucleogenesis, but rather examining the internal structure of smaller things, like individual protons, neutrons, quarks, and the like.
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    Huh, nifty. I wonder what the cross section for neutron capture of Hg 196 would be?
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    Thanks a lot guys! You have been very helpfull.
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