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Accelerometer data analysis

  1. Sep 17, 2010 #1
    Hello all,
    i have some acceleration value s in each axis(x,y,z)
    i want to calculate the acceleration and de-acceleration using the acceleration data in (m/s^2)

    my data are as below:-
    id time (ms) x (m/s2) y (m/s2) z (m/s2)
    0 0 -0.1569064 7.4628606 5.9722495
    1 64 -0.5001391 8.551398 5.7368903
    2 178 -0.44129923 8.374879 5.7368903
    3 294 -0.44129923 8.306232 5.79573
    4 382 -0.39226598 8.237586 5.8349566
    5 383 -0.2353596 8.16894 5.8349566

    if i fix the device then i can able to remove the gravity value but in some case if the device is having some angle with the gravity then i m not able to remove the effect.

    I want to know how can i calibrate the acceleration values.
    how i will able to know that is acceleration or de-acceleration.

    Thanks in advance
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