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Accelerometer data to a useful velocity vector

  1. Oct 6, 2009 #1
    Hello Everybody,

    Currently I am working on
    my diploma thesis, which is to provide an auxiliary
    vector for a WLAN based RTLS (Real-time locating system).
    Because it has flaws in it, that come from losing IP packets,
    I have to construct an auxiliary system to it based on
    I am wondering if you could help me a bit.
    I use GlovePIE to acquire the accelerometer data from Wiimote
    which has the ADXL330 accelerometer unit built in it.

    We presume that the device is fixed in one of the 3 axis.
    So that we would like to use it like an indoor locating system
    on room level, we only need the two dimensions(forward/backward,
    My question is do you know a method of getting the brief trajectory
    of the wiimote in 2D.
    I know about a response to this on the link below:


    But could you advise me how to process those acceleration data
    (?some transformation or filtering?)
    to get an auxiliary vector, it does not have to be very precise.
    Besides I am using the RelAcc parameters to determine the velocity,
    but it does not provide correct information. Because of this if I
    want to calculate position, I integrate again and it shows me totally
    wrong data.
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