Accepted to Math in Moscow Program: Exploring IUM's Reputation & Worth

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In summary, Vladimir Ivanov from Math in Moscow says that the program is basically the same, but the accommodation has improved. He also says that almost every student considers their time in Moscow to be valuable.
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Hi all,

I was recently accepted to the Math in Moscow program at the independent university of Moscow for the fall term. I have been recently informed my scholarship is not applicable, as the IUM is an "of course" independent institution. I was wondering if you all had any opinions on the place, if it had a good reputation, I want to make sure it will be worth it to pay for admission and that graduate schools will like that I attend

Some info, there isn't much out there, the IUM is a grad/postdoc school who brings U.S. undergrads there each semester to learn from professors... they admit maybe 4-10 undergrads per term out of 500-600 applicants. It was founded by fields medalist Sergei Novikov and Wolf and Shaw prize winner Vladimir Arnold, both of whom lecture.
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This pertains to my interest. bndnchrs as you probably know there is a very similar program in Budapest, Hungary. What sort of mathematical background do you have and did you participate in any previous research?
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I'm in a similar boat as you. I'm not sure if my scholarships are going to come through for MiM, but I'd like to go. So I'm very curious about the responses you get :)
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I work in "Math in Moscow" for five years and I would be glad to be of any help to you. But I guess you are looking for our alumni opinions. Try to contact our Facebook group members, especially alumni of the last years. The core of our math program is basically the same over the years but the accomodation has slightly improved, I think.
AFAIK almost every our student consider his study in Moscow as a very valuable experience, both mathematically and culturally.

Hope to see you in Moscow,
Vladimir Ivanov.
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