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Accerlation Question

  1. Sep 16, 2013 #1
    An automobile moves forward and backward on a straight highway.The graph shows the velocity of this automobile as a function of time.


    What is the acceleration of the automobile at t = 4 s? (Round to two significant digits.)

    a = change in velocity / time

    I said the acceleration was zero, because the automobile would be stopped at t = 4 s. This is wrong, however.
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    Of course it is wrong. The automobile may be stopped, but acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. It's just in between moving forwards and moving backwards. Try that again.
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    The question is asking for the acceleration at exactly 4 s, so if I used the formula a = v/t I would get a = 0/4, which is 0.

    The answer is -10, but I don't understand why when that acceleration is reached a second later.
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    It's because acceleration is the slope of your velocity curve. It's not v/t. It's dv/dt, the derivative or approximately Δv/Δt if you pick two points around your point. It's the rate of change of velocity, not v/t. As you almost said to begin with it's (change of velocity)/(change of time).
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