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Accident while driving car

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    Today something totally unexpected happend as I was coming home from school. I got into a car accident. Don't worry, guys, I'm fine and so is the other guy, but I tell you that totally shook me up emotionally. I never thought it would happen. Who does? Anyway, it happend and I got to deal with it. My parents were very reasonable about it. Drive carefully, guys.
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    Good to hear everyone involved is okay. The first one is the hardest (my last car seemed to have a target on it...I didn't even have to be in it for it to get hit, it was hit a few times while parked)...really shakes you up, even if it's just a minor fender bender. Dealing with the insurance company is always the biggest hassle. Have your parents help you with that so you don't get cheated out of what you deserve.
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    my first accident shook me up as well, just remember, when you fall off the pony you get right back on and ride, its ok to drive safe but dont be paranoid about it, **** happens, do your best to avoid it if you cants you cant, it happens every day. just dont be scared to get on the road again, thats when you become dangerous to those around you, anyways goodluck
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    My buddy and I got hit (I was in the passenger side) not too long ago when a cab driver decided it'd be a good idea to do an illegal U-turn in the middle of downtown right into my friends car. It wasn't a big accident or anything but an accident nonetheless. It's funny how time seems to slow down when you know another cars gonna hit you and there's nothing you can do. Wooooo! MATRIX! yeah...
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    I wrecked my first two cars this year. My last one I only had it for four days and I lost control on the highway, spinned out of control and crossed the median and crossed over the wrong side of the road, a van hit the end of my car going 85mph. Back of the car was literally ripped off. Me and my dad's suit cases exploded and are cloths were all over the highway, heheh. It was a mircle no one was hurt. The other car I wrecked I turned and a car came and hit me head on doing 50mph. I was a little banged up and got some shards of glass in my elbow but lucky no one was really hurt. Both times the guys I hit were very nice and weren't mad thankfully. I felt like such an ass though. I won't be having my own car for several years now, I'm 17 now.
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    Totally. I slammed on the brakes but I just knew I was going to hit him. Seatbelts really do help.
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    Chrono, I am so glad you were not hurt!!! Sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid a collision. Defensive driving is a good thing to learn. I am constantly glancing in all directions and anticipating what will happen several cars around me at all times (kind of like playing pente on the road). It comes natural after awhile, the result is that I have never had an accident and avoided them in many instances. But there are still those unavoidable instances.
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    I almost got in a wreck once. I've been driving about 4 years now. Weirdest part was I was uber close to rear ending this guy yet I wasn't shook up at all. Is that the Grand Theft Auto effect?
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    for all the accidents you avoid on the road you seem to make up for them in real life :rofl:
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    Yes, but at least I only injure myself and my insurance doesn't go up!!!! :rofl: :rofl:

    The child of Evo is having oral surgery tomorrow. All 4 wisdom teeth extracted. :surprised :surprised She is going to be suffering. :frown:
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    Probably not suffering. I remember when I had it done and it was nothing. Of course, my dad had to hold me up when I was going in the doctor's office that morning. Just make she has plenty of pain pills. :wink:
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    Talk about a learning experience. :tongue:
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    Pain is something that you should embrace.
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    I agree with Evo. Defensive driving does work and that doesn't mean constantly defending your right to your piece of the road. Everyone is going to make a mistake, eventually, and it's nice if at least a few of those mistakes (yours and the other drivers) don't automatically result in a wreck.

    Not quite as impressive a record as Evo's, but I've never been in an accident where either car was going even 5 mph by time of the collision. You'd think that would ensure minor damage but not necessarily. My first accident, our bumpers locked - I let off the brake and his entire front end decided it liked my car better than his. :rofl:

    Only exception was one cold night where my car broke down on a seldom travelled country road. I had my emergency flashers on, plus I had safety flares in the trunk. I set one about a 100' up the road and it burned out in about half an hour with no success in getting my car restarted and still not a single car coming along. I was behind the car trying to get the second flare lit (with half frozen hands) when help finally appeared in a pair of headlights. Except he didn't slow down. I finally had to dive off the road and popped up just in time to see him reduce the trunk of my Delta 88 to about 18" long. No screeching brkaes - nothing. He just drove right through the trunk of my car. After totally trashing my car, he had the nerve to try to restart his car and leave. At first that upset me a lot, until I ran up to the scene and saw his engine was laying on the ground. Then there were 4 of us (he had two passengers) stuck out on a country road on a cold winter night - but at least I didn't have to struggle with trying to get my car started.

    When another car finally did drive by and sent help, the police had both me and the other driver, a 16-year-old, in the back seat and was asking questions. Such as (to the 16-year-old) "Did you have anything to drink?" Response: "Yeah, we had a beer at the xxxxx club." A few more questions, including how they got in the club when they were only 16 and a second question about how much they had to drink "Oh, we had about 2 beers." More questions, a return to the drinking question "Oh, I think I drank about 3 or 4 beers."

    Then, finally, THE question, "Didn't you see his emergency flashers?" - Response: "Yeah, but I just thought he was going over hills." The officer didn't ask him how much he had to drink, anymore.
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