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Homework Help: Accleration and angle

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    Please help me with this question. I understand how to calculate the velocity from the given conditions but I don't know how to figure out the acceleration or the angle. Thanks!

    A cart is released from rest at the top of a perfectly frictionless air track. After an elapsed time delta t = 2.0s, the cart has traveled delta x = 32.0 cm down the track. What is the cart's acceleration? What is the angle of theta of this track?
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    The acceleration of the cart is the component of its weight parallel to the track divided by its mass so [itex]a = g \cos \theta[/itex]. The distance it travels is

    [tex]d = \frac {1}{2} a t^2[/tex]

    and you have enough information to find the acceleration and the angle.
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    I've figured out the problem with your help. Thank you!!
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