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Accountancy Career

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    To pursue a career in accountancy would I need to do a degree in accountancy? Some people say no and others say yes. I would love to study Physics at University, but I see myself going into finance when I am older. I have heard that you can train on the job but this may be another course after university so really I am spending twice as much training than if I did accountancy in the first place.

    Another question I would like to ask is, what do people think of doing a joint course? I could take a 4 year course in both Physics and Management, my only concern is that I will not cover either of the subjects in enough depth. My Dad who used to work as an accountant say that it is very rare to go straight from University to a job and that you are likely yo still have to pas some tests before you start a job.

    I am also considering whether to do Business or Maths for A2, Business is sometimes seen as a soft subject at this level, but maths is seen as a solid one. Now I could take Business and get an A the way I am going, or drop it and carry on with maths. My problem is that it will be very difficult for me to achieve a grade A and I do not know if it will just be better to go for the subject I will get a better grade in. I enjoy both subject.

    Any help would be great.

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