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Accousitics problem

  1. May 7, 2006 #1
    1. A tuning fork (frequency is 256 Hz) is placed above an open end tube that is partially in water.

    a. Explain how a stationnary wave is created.

    b. The tube is elevated a little. Explain why the sound intensity changes in therms of resonance.

    c. The tube is elevate progressively from a postion of maximum intensity to the next position with the same property. If the tube is now 65 cm above water, what is the speed of sound in it?

    My anwsers:

    a: The fork compresses the air in the tube and the water reflects this aire, thus creating a continuous stationnary wave.

    b: Need help... what is the link between power and the lenght of a open-close end tupe?

    c: Same with this one...
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    what kind of resonator is this? open or closed pipe resonator? What is the formula to find where resonance will occur in the (open or closed pipe resonator, depending on which one it is) that will do for c. Now b, you do not really need to relate power with resonance. It seems to me that they just want to know what resonace means.
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