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Accoustic Cooling Question.

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    I have a question about Accoustic Cooling.

    I know that most Aerosol Cans under Pressure of a low boiling point Fluid will get very cold when shaken vigorously.

    Has there ever been an experiment were a Super Conductor was impregnated with micro bubbles of a Cooling Liquid, where when the Super Conducting Material was Vibrated with an Accoustic Piezo sound vibration that the Super Conductive Material would become cold enough to activate its Temperature dependancy.

    Would little Gas pockets of Liquid Helium or Liquid Nitrogen work?

    The Super Conductive Material would look something like how Pumice looks like internally, Thousands of little Gas Pockets.

    A Material that gets very cold when vibrated.:bugeye:
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    What would be the point of this experiment (specifically, why a superconductor) ?
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    I was trying to determine if such a method could cool a Super Conductive Material, Without using a Cooling compressor system, If Sonic Accoustics could be used maybe there can be a weight reduction in the Cooling Apparatus, The purpose was to avoid a heavy Cooling Compressor system when cooling Super Conductive Materials.:bugeye:

    Would it work?
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    The cooling takes place as the liquid changes phase to vapor, and thus absorbs energy - cools the vapor phase, which then absorbs heat from the container.

    Liquid He or N might work, but over a limited temperature range. And since most of the cooling takes place in getting to the liquid state, acoustic cooling would not be necessary.
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    Is there a way to make Nano Coolers, Microscopic Cooling systems built into a material that could cool to Super Conductive Temperature dependancy?

    What would be needed?
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    The problem is one of having a heat sink at a very low temperature, at or below the temperature one is trying to cool. At the lowest temperatures, boiling can be use to absorb some of the heat.
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    Maybe a nano version of the http://www.digit-life.com/articles/peltiercoolers/" system would work.

    If some how we could build http://www.digit-life.com/articles/peltiercoolers/" nano molecules that were so small that the substrate could not be seen.

    Maybe very thin electroplated alternating layers of Bismuth and Tellurium built up to a thickness would work like a Heat capacitor pump at the molecular level. each Electroplated layer being polished for extreme flatness before the next coating and ending in some nano heat sink layer on top.

    With the amount of research on http://www.digit-life.com/articles/peltiercoolers/" maybe we'll find a nano answer to building these nano coolers directly with Super conductors by adding layers of a Electroplated Super Conductor materials alternating with P/N Peltier layering.

    Something similar to the:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josephson_junction" [Broken] A super fast switch used in many computers. It consists of a thin layer of insulating material sandwiched between layers of superconducting material, but with Peltier construction instead to make the principle of cooling on a nano level possible.

    Thanks for all your input.:smile:

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    Peltier coolers are interesting, and perhaps feasible, but the coolest temperature reference in that site on Peltier coolers is 273 K (0°C). Can you find applications at 77K and lower?
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    The only thing that I can think of is to make Peltier cascades at the Molecule level, The current Peltiers are just to bulky when cascading.

    Using Molecule sized Peltier cascades might increase efficiencies in Tc
    if a thousand or so Cascades can be stacked at the Molecule level.:smile:

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