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Accredited distance learning?

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    Right now I'm a high school student in Kuwait. I've been seriously considering finding a distance/open-learning institution to learn from due to my school not satisfying my university's needs. I've been curious as to whether or not there are any good, worthwhile distance learning schools online which are accredited, recognized as legitamite and count as the equivalent of (or perhaps slightly more than the equivalent of, e.g. one that has advanced courses) a high school diploma.
    Does anyone know of any? And do these kinds of "schools" allow you to transfer mid-year from a regular high school?

    Thanks a lot for any replies.
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    Depending on what you want to study, there are several that are accredited. Mostly social science stuff, but some hard science. However, the better ones seem to be more geared towards grad school. The undergrad programs are a little shady.

    Here's the one I work for and our cheif competitor
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