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Accuracy of Relativity

  1. Dec 25, 2005 #1
    Does anyone know what is the most accurate reading of SR's time dilation or space contraction? I.e. has anyone been able to verify the accuracy of SR to 10^-15?
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    Not to 10-15, no, (where did you get that figure- just make it up?) but NASA has measured time dilation in space probes agreeing with SR to a relative accuracy of 10-5 which is pretty darn good!
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    Yea I was just made 10^-15 up as an example. What about GR? have they found it to an accuracy of better then 10^-5?

    I guess my real question is: How many significant digits have GR and SR been found? i.e. 123.4567 would be 7 significant digits even though it is found to 10^-4.
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