Acid + Alcohol

  1. hi
    i have the following reaction

    isobutyric acid + 2-methoxyethanol <-> 2-methoxyethyl-2-methylpropanoate

    but i don't know all of the by-products.

    please help thanks

    edit: i think is only water and some unreacted reactants?
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  3. rock.freak667

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    Acid is RCOOH and the alcohol is R'OH. Yes water will be a by-product. But how do you get water from this? (The -OH from the acid and the H from the alcohol bond together to form the water) What you are left with will form the other product.

    (btw were there any conditions for this reaction?)
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  4. no, because i am suppose to make procedure to create the product
    so i will have to change the condition to shift equilibrium to the right side i guess...

  5. rock.freak667

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    Because an acid and alcohol react to give ester and water in the presence of H+ as a catalyst.
  6. thanks for confirm, rock
  7. ~christina~

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    Just to name what your doing (basically acid catyzed dehydration of an alcohol is what your doing).
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