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Homework Help: Acid/Base Problem PLSSSSSSSSSS help

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    Hi again,
    I have another question. A 1L sol'n of a compound, NaC3H5O3 has an initial con'c of 0.1M. An unknown number of moles of Hcl is then added to bring a final solution to a Ph of 3.77. How many moles of HCl were added and what is the common name of this type of problem?

    Can anyone pls help me and reply soon plssssss.

    I have one more question...

    1.8g of NaOH(s) was dissolved in one litre of H2O. A compound, HC3H5O3 was added. The final pH of the solution was 3.77. How many moles of HC3H5O3 are needed?

    Plsssssssssss help me.
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