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Homework Help: Acid-Base Properties

  1. Nov 10, 2008 #1
    How do i find the pH of FeSO4(s), knowing that its concentration is 0.10mol/L
    it is a salt.. and it was placed in distilled water..

    FeSO4---->< Fe+2 + SO4-2

    SO4-2 is the conjugate base of a strong acid H2SO4- therefore SO4-2 has no effect on the pH

    in this case what is Fe+2,would be an acid and the Ka is equla to 1.8*10^-7
    then i would combine Fe with h2o
    and then what will the equation be?
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    SO42- will hydrolize slightly - giving HSO4-, raising pH.

    Fe(OH)2 is weekly soluble, so it may lower pH.

    Finding exact answer may be a little bit tricky.
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