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Homework Help: Acid/Base Question

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    Answer the following questions t or f

    a) Combining 0.3 moles of any acid with 0.3 moles of any base in water will always result in a pH value of 7.0

    b) A 1 M solution of HCl and a 1 M solution of HNO3 have identical pOH values

    c) Combining equal volumes of a 0.3 M acetic acid solution and a 0.3 M NaOH solution results in a buffer

    d) The pH of a 1.0 M HCl (a strong acid) solution is 1.0

    e) A 1 M solution of acetic acid (pKa = 4.75) and a 1 M solution of HCN (pKa = 9.20) have identical pH values

    I would think abc would be false, d would be true, and e would be false. Please help
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    If you could tell why you think each answer is right or wrong, it would be easier to help.
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    In reality all are false, but one answer may depend on your education level.
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