Acid-Base Reaction question

Consider the Acid-Base reaction of acetic acid (C2H4O2) with ethylene diamine (C2H8N2) to form the corresponding salt. Then the structural formulas for acetic acid and ethylene diamine were drawn below this.
Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction, noting both amine groups can accept a proton.

I know that acid + base = water + salt

I'm not sure if what I've come up with is right or not... I don't remember the teacher ever going over anything like this...

C2H4O2 + C2H8N2 --> 2H2O + C4H8N2


No water in products, amine groups get protonated.
Would the product be C2H3O2- + C2H9N2+.. and would this ionize and form a salt?


Diamine can get protonated twice.

Basically you will have a salt C2H10N2(2+)(2C2H3O2(-))2.

However, that's not whole truth - acetic acid is a weak acid, ethylene diamine is a weak base, so if you will need precise information about the solution, you will have to take all acid/base equilibria into accounts.

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