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Homework Help: Acid/Base System

  1. May 25, 2007 #1
    The formation of products is strongly favoured in this acid-base system:
    [tex]HX + B^- \rightleftharpoons HB + X^-[/tex]

    a) Identify the bases competing for protons
    b) Which base is stronger?
    c) Which is the weaker acid, HX or HB?
    d) Does the K for this system have a large or small value?
    e) How is the equilibrium affected by the addition of the soluble salt NaB?

    I chose:

    a) B- and X-
    b) B- is the stronger base as it readily accepts protons
    c) HB is the weaker acid as HX more readily donates protons
    d) large. Since the system strongly favours the formation of product.

    e) Now maybe I am wrong but wouldn't adding more B- cause it to react with it to react with X- producing HX which would shift the equilibrium to the left (increase the reverse reaction)? Does that sound right?
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    lets say you make apple pies and i like to pick out the apple slices from the pies. if i pick out the slices at the same rate you make the pies, we're at equilibrium. lets say someone gives me a bunch of apple slices. will you have to make more pies to attain equilibrium once more, or will i have to pick out more apple slices?

    does this make sense?
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    Yes, suddenly I'm hungry for apple pie....
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    I never knew chemistry could taste so good!

    Thanks gradeaswimr, makes sense to me.
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