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Acid bases help

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    can some tell me how to write net ionic equations of acid base recations in the cases of a weak base reacts with a strong acid, a strong base reacting with a weak acid, and weak base reacting with weak acid? How do you cancel things out?

    Also, does NH3+HCl--->NH4Cl or NH3+HCl--->NH4+Cl-?
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    Calcium hydroxide is a weak base than NaOH, let's try this with HCl:

    [tex]Ca(OH)_2_{(aq)}+2HCl_{(aq)} \rightarrow CaCl_2_{(aq)} + H_2O_{(l)}[/tex]

    Here, you can show the ones with (aq) in ionized form, too.

    About your question with ammonium chloride, ammonium does not produce water when neutralized. So either write it as (aq) or ionized form.
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    so both are correct?
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    Yes, depending on your need.
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