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Acid Deposition

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    Which of the following would be the strongest evidence in support of a scientist's contention that a local area was experiencing acid deposition?

    1. An increase in the rate of photosynthesis of aquatic plants in a local lake
    2. A sudden die-off of all the fish in a local stream
    3. A gradual increase in temp. of local lake
    4. Increase in concentration of soluable heavy metals in local pond

    For some reason, I think the answer is 4. If the acid deposition is serious enough, organisms can die quite rapidly as a result of Al,Hg, or other metal ions from leaching in the bedrock, which can be acidic or neutral.

    Is this wrong?

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    Anyone? Please?

    Thanks again.
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    I would have to agree with you, but lets check the other choices to possibly eliminate them. A: increased photosynthesis- the most likely explanation for this happening would be the influx of more nutrients to the system, ie. local use of fertilizer, livestock runoff, etc. This should effectively increase the overall amount of photosynthesis (maybe the rate too, I'm not sure about the kinetics of that process,orifthe question is even considering rate vs amount). B: sudden fish kill- it would take a lot of acid to kill off all the fish in a typical pond, probably more than would occurr in the early stages of acidification. C: temp increase- I can't see any potential relationship between acidification and temp. :bugeye: Which leaves "D", the increase of soluble metals. I still think I like that one the best. My next choice would be "B", but it seems less likely.
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