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  1. Dear PF users,

    We know what is meant by acid number and softening point for resins.
    If it is mentioned as acid number is 8W60 and softening point is 130W180 °C, I am just confused what about 'W' in between those numbers..

    Thanks for your reply.
    Regards, Rajini.
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    Is that nomenclature coming from your resin supplier? If yes, which one? Could the 'w' be a misprint perhaps? It might have been meant to be a hyphen, for example.
  4. Hi Chemistree,
    Yes, it is a misprint of some Japanese patent application. 8W30 should be read as 8~30 (8 to 30). When look in to PDF file my doubt got cleared.
    Thanks, Rajini.
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