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Homework Help: Acid rain

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    My schoolbook states:
    My question is: What are the reactions that occur in the leaves that cause their danification?

    I googlelize and found:

    It also attacks trees more directly by eating holes in the waxy coating of leaves and needles, causing brown dead spots.

    That's ok, but how it eats holes?
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    This source might give some insight - http://www.nap.edu/nap-cgi/skimit.cgi?isbn=0309040787&chap=333-340 [Broken]

    The acid rain may damage the surface or the subsurface in some way. The key factor is the production and distribution of the epicuticular wax which protects the leaves. It is a production of certain cells involving certain enzymes which are affected by 1) pH levels and 2) metal ions (from minerals). The text book may be oversimplifying the matter.

    Brown or black spots could be a virus, bacteria or a fungus, which may be preceded by a reduction in or damage to the epicuticular wax.

    As for 'danification or danificating', I cannot find either term. Perhaps one means denitrification or denitrifying?
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    Simply the plant cells are partially/fully damaged due to acidic rain drops.
    Do you know typically what acid is in them ?? You can then think of what chloroplast is mainly composed of to write yourself a pretty meaningless chemical equation. :P
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    Astronuc, thank you very much for your help. Danification or danificating are words from my "awesome" english. :approve:

    Nitric and sulfuric acid. Am I correct?

    Photosynthetic pigments?
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