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Ack, forum bug!

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    Or is it a "feature"? :frown:

    Code (Text):
    There is /* something */ hidden here.
    is displayed as

    There is /* something */ hidden here.
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    I will use this next time I get the 10char thing!! (Earlier I would put a bunch of spaces followed by a .)
    Weird though....
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    Since / * * / are common comment tags i'm going to put forth that they're being commented out.
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    I agree with -Job-. And there doesn't seem to be any use of commenting out something in a thread where it's only visible in the source code. Since it's not entirely a bug (commenting is a feature in the language itself) I'd say it's just a mishandling of that tag by the forum.
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    Hurkyl, I thought that you were the forum bug, now that we got rid of the penguin...
  7. Nov 26, 2006 #6
    hmmm it doesn't work with a clean vb, must be one of our hacks, maybe the latex parser is doing something weird.
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