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Acoustic Interferometer: Interference with the Quincke Tube.

  1. Mar 30, 2004 #1
    Acoustic Interferometer: Interference with the Quincke Tube.
    See here:

    The diagram and physics suggests that acoustic interference is achieved through this simple device. Makes sense to me. However, with the potential for destructive interference it would also suggest that a pulse placed at input(shown as "Fixed frequency whistle. 2900 Hz" on the diagram) can be potentially degraded to efffectually nothing at output("Horn") due to interference if so arranged.
    Is this to suggest that the input(action) force can be wholly negated from output(reaction) force? That is, if I were to put this mechanism on it's side on a bed of wet ice, with interference tuning, would the mechanism move with unidirectional thrust?
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