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Acoustic Weapons - A Prospective Assessment

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.princeton.edu/~globsec/publications/pdf/9_3altmann.pdf [Broken]
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    Not exactly related, but what I found interesting was a recent invention which relies on the superposition of ultrasound waves (which, you may know, can be tightly focused) to produce audible sound at a target. The result is a 'whisper beam', where you can point it at a target in a crowd and only that target can hear your sound. I can already see marketing execs drooling over this...
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    I don't think something like that would require
    lots of marketing, it'll be snatched off the shelves...:wink:
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    It would probably be spread by word of mouth.

    Ultrasound can be deadly at certain frequencies with high enough volume.

    An acoustic cannon may be used to shake, empty, then destroy a building.

    Ultra-low acoustic frequencies might make one crap their pants. What a way to stop an army in its tracks? (Watch those subwoofers!)
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