Acoustic Weapons - A Prospective Assessment

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Acoustic weapons are under research and development in a few countries. Advertised as one type of non-lethal weapon, they are said to immediately incapacitate opponents while avoiding permanent physical damage. Reliable information on specifications or effects is scarce, however. The present article sets out to provide basic information in several areas: effects of large-amplitude sound on humans, potential high-power sources, and propagation of strong sound. [Broken]
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Not exactly related, but what I found interesting was a recent invention which relies on the superposition of ultrasound waves (which, you may know, can be tightly focused) to produce audible sound at a target. The result is a 'whisper beam', where you can point it at a target in a crowd and only that target can hear your sound. I can already see marketing execs drooling over this...


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Originally posted by Tyro
I can already see marketing execs drooling over this...
I don't think something like that would require
lots of marketing, it'll be snatched off the shelves...:wink:
It would probably be spread by word of mouth.

Ultrasound can be deadly at certain frequencies with high enough volume.

An acoustic cannon may be used to shake, empty, then destroy a building.

Ultra-low acoustic frequencies might make one crap their pants. What a way to stop an army in its tracks? (Watch those subwoofers!)

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