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Homework Help: Acoustics homework problem help

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    (1) What is the difference betweem plucking a guitar with a hard pick and plucking it with bare fingertips? What could be the reason behind this?
    (2) The bass strings in a grand piano are longer than the strings in the treble range. Why?
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    This looks like some homework, so I have moved it the the appropriate forum.

    You may want to read the sticky at the top of the homework forum. We do not like to do your homework for you so I will attempt to guide you to the correct ideas without giving you copy paste material.

    1. When a stretched string is struck the induced traveling wave takes a shape similar to the object used to strike the string. Sharp edges induce more high frequency harmonics, smooth objects fewer.

    2. Consider the key differences between a high frequency wave and a low frequency wave.
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