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Acoustics simulation using comsol

  1. Feb 26, 2009 #1
    hello there i'm using comsol multiphysics acoustic module.
    1) acoustic model / pressure acoustics / time harmonic analysis
    2) draw a circle and do boundaries (F7) = radiation condition (p=0) so this boundary absorbs all the acoustic pressure...
    3) then made a mark in the middle and (F5) point settings = power to this middle dot
    4) then (F11) solve properties and go for parametric, parameter name: freq_acpr , parameter values: 100:10:1000 this means the middle point will play 100hz, 110hz, …,1000hz
    5) then press solve
    6) then go to postprocessing / cross-section/point
    7) predefined quantities: sound pressure level x=0 , y=0 ---> apply

    Now we see that the sound pressure level gets higher for higher freq that’s because the sound source plays 100hz and it doesn’t wait until that’s gone and then play 110hz. You have any idea how I can fix that so my source plays these sin waves in same dB?
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