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Acronym Finder

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    After Ivan's anagram finder here's my (well, it's not actually mine...) acronym finder:

    http://brunching.com/toys/cyborger.html [Broken]
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    Maybe, but the difference between them is that yours needs a definition, mine makes one up.
    Sonty = Synthetic Obedient Nocturnal Troubleshooting Youth.

    I see, very cute :smile:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    P.H.Y.S.I.C.S.: Positronic Hydraulic Youth Skilled in Infiltration and Ceaseless Sabotage

    This explains a lot!

    I.V.A.N.: Intelligent Violence and Assassination Neohuman

    G.R.E.G.: General Replicant Engineered for Gratification
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    I love it!

    Z.O.O.B.Y. = Zombie Optimized for
    Online Battle and Yardwork.

    I mindlessly deflate your specious
    logic or, hey, can I mow your
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    H.Y.P.N.A.G.O.G.U.E.: Humanoid Yearning for Peacekeeping and Nocturnal Assassination/General Organism Generated for Ultimate Exploration

    I'm a walking contradiction, a lover of peace who's dangerous at night, and I've been created for the express purpose of ultimate exploration.

    No wonder the ladies love me.
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