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ACS Exam

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    I was just wondering what expierence has anyone had with the ACS Chem Exam, Good? Bad? Why?
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    Not so bad for me, I took the Quant., Inorg., Phy., and Instrumental Analysis ACS nationally standardized tests.

    The average raw score on these tests are low, as in below 70%, and the discrepancy increases with higher level chemistry courses.

    The tests require savvy, that is, there are probably going to be some question on there that require the taker to have an in depth understanding
    and knowledge of the concept. In other words, those that have applied themselves to chemistry for a while are going to see the "trick question", however, most are not even going to see the significant "second step" that's involved. The questions are sometimes misleading, that's why the scores are so low, because students choose the "apparently correct answer" and are not able to assess the question further.
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