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ACS practice test

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    Hey guys, my teacher gave us the 2001 version of this test as a practice test. It was 70 multiply choice questions. Does anyone know where i can find the answers to check my answers? I heard they are posted on the net somewhere. I don't know why he gave us a practice test but no answers... I would really appreciate it if someone could help so i could know if I am doing some of this stuff right. thanks
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    ACS standardized exams are, insofar as I'm aware, supposed to be kept well under wraps. You are not going to find answers on the web unless either a student has posted them after obtaining them via dubious means or an ill-informed teacher has posted them without recognizing what he or she has done. Given that ACS standardized exams are often used as final exams or placement exams, putting the answers out there for all to see is not exactly the best idea.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but such these things go....
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