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Homework Help: Activated speed

  1. Oct 6, 2005 #1
    Hi to you all.i have an exercise i cannot solve.i think something is missing.

    Cylindrical tube V=10L opened at the top has air with a temperature of T1=27 0C.We provide heat to the tube until the temperature reaches the value of T2=327 oC.A)we have to find the amount of air that leaves from the tube .
    b)if we close at the top the tube and decrease the temperature to T3=127 oCwe have to find the activated speed.
    c)what is the new number of particles.

    i guess at the first question it requires the V of the air that leaves?I think that the pressure is steady as it is opened at the top the tube.so the pressure equals the pressure of the surrounding air.

    How can i find the activated speed without knowing the consistency?i will assume it is one as we are talking about air?

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