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Activation Coil Question

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    What is best way to figure out which of these activation coils would yield a higher gamma flux:

    27Al, 58Ni, and 115In.

    I have a PuBe neutron source, which I am told to just use a 4.5MeV neutron-energy. I am running MCNP calculations to find flux at a point away from the foil.

    I knows the reactions:
    n + 27Al → 24Na + α
    n + 58Ni → 58Co + p
    n + 115In → 115Inm + n’

    Which foils will yield the highest and lowest fluxes on the detector?
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    You'll need the cross-sections for those reactions (and the half-life of 115mIn) and some data about the sensitivity of the detector.
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