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Activation Energy

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    Can any body help me out to find Activation energy of adsorption and in that rate constant?

    i am confused ........please help me out?

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    Please specify
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    i want to find the Diffusion coefficient of SDS molecules and with polymer mixture, which is as

    Da = D exp[-Ea/RT]

    i am confused how to determine the (-Ea), which is termed as activation energy.

    I know the D, as found from Static surface tension measurement, R and T. But i am not getting Clue to find (-Ea).

    their are methods given on Wikipedia but for gases..............Now can you guide me?
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    Ok, has this anything to do with Nuclear or particle physics? =)

    Mods, move to Atomic physics forum.
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    i am doing adsorption of sds on some solid particles with polymers like Al, TiO2
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    i got it.

    i was confused.........but the link is god enough to elaborate and remove my confusion.
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