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Activity of Mg in Solution

  1. Jan 11, 2012 #1
    Mg 2+ (aq) +2 OH- (aq)= Mg (OH)2 (s)

    If I measure pH of springs near Jenner to be pH=9.5, what can you tell about the equilibrium activity (concentration) of magnesium in that solution? You need to calculate the dissociation constant of water.

    Not sure how to start this? Any help
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    Why do you ignore homework template? In hope nobody will realize? I should delete your post and send you a warning about ignoring forum rules.

    What is activity of H+ in the water?

    What is activity of OH- in the water?

    Now use solubility product for Mg(OH)2.
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    Sorry, I really thought I put this in the Hw section under the sciences......
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