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News Actor Eli Wallach dead at 98

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    I suppose his name is not that recognizable by many, since he did never really get to be a major top draw at the box office, although in my opinion several movies could have ended up in a different light if he had not been cast. ( ie is he the guy with the one arm or the guy in the tub?? Oh, him! )
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    He's the one who let the gun do the talking. He was in so many movies in great parts that it's hard to decide what's best.
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    I'd say that depends on your age. Younger folks might not recognize him but he's very familiar to us older movie-goers.
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    I never heard of him, but RIP.
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    One of my favorites. He definitely was the star in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly and really took that movie to a higher level. Even in his minor role in How the West was Won, he was the best actor/character in that film. I was surprised to see him in the Wall Street sequel. Man he was old, but it suited his character.
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