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Actual position of universe

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    can it be possible, our universe is made in laboratory of high intelligence aliens, they have made our complete universe there, there is all calculated mathemetics, from speed of light to mass of electron, number of quarks to size of quasars, i know this idea looks little silly and childish but i think it can be happen, they have made like the process that we can't know the beyond the boundary, every thing is calculated like gravitational constant to planck's constant.
    or are there infinite parallel universes all over, one can't predict boundary, and they are inter connected because of law of conservation of energy.
    Which idea looks more mathematical, more near to anthropic principle?
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    Maybe we're just a big supercomputer, created to calculate the question of Life, the Universe and Everything!
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    It's possible, but it's currently so far outside of the realm of science that we could never prove or disprove it in the foreseeable future.
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    A response in jest might suggest that in plenty of religions you're describing God.

    The question to ask is that even if it is the case, is there any way of us ever knowing? And so is there any point in asking thinking about it? :)
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    I think you should read the works of:
    John Archibald Wheeler on participatory principle.
    Robert Dicke on anthropic (or man-related) principle.

    I think you will love it.
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    this only leads to a other question, who created them and where are they from ect,
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    My guess: pandimensional beings which manifest themselves as mouse.
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    There are papers suggesting that we ourselves may be able to create a universe in the laboratory, I can provide a link or you can google 'baby universe' to find the published papers. It has to do with monopoles and such, interesting stuff. Such a baby universe after nucleation would sepperate from our universe into it's own existence and we would have no way of interacting with it after that. Presumably we might find a way to "leave a message" in some of the physical constants of that universe for it's future inhabitants if any. But only their physicsts would be able to read it.
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    If the physics of that baby universe were/would be the same as ours. They may go from the big bang to the big crunch all in 5 mins.
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    Maybe out universe was created in one of their particle accelerators. Their perception of time could be very different to ours.

    Or maybe it was sneezed into existence.
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    big crunch? but what about rarefation? that seems more in style than the big crunch.
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    I know I probably shouldn't say this but.....
    maybe we are just a small.... farticle in someone els'es universe?

    and yes the 'f' is on purpose....

    ok, that's a geek joke if ever there was one.

    I hope some one 'gets' it !
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    Yes that really would suck, but maybe there just farticles in a bigger universe.
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    This has gone on long enough. Its far too speculative.
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