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Adblock here I come.

  1. Apr 16, 2016 #1
    If I use free sites, I should endure their ads. Or so I thought.

    Recently the trend is towards ads that play loud music. Enough is enough. Adblock here I come.

    Next I'll probably find out Adblock causes cancer or sells my data to the mafia.
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    Try Ghostery. That way you can whitelist Physics Forums.
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    That is my plan and it works great. This is one of only a handful of sites I whitelist, it would be great if all websites were modeled after PF in the advertising sense.
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    Whats your browser of choice? any blocker can seriously degrade the page your viewing depending on how its put together. I stick with FF because of the customization options, If thats not your browser you might consider trying it with Ghostery. :smile: Don has a good point.
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    also, use UBlock Origin, its better than adblock!
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    I use Ghostery myself. But the music-autoplaying sites don't bother me because I leave the sound turned off on my computer all the time, except when I specifically need to listen to something. I use the audio/video system in my living room for listening to music.
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    Why are these other programs better?
  9. Apr 17, 2016 #8
    If your referring to the FF add ons like Ghostery, lightbeam and self destructing cookies (I use all three) the main point would be individual customization and user friendly layout. They are very easily fine tuned for each users particular needs and they seem to have very good support.
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