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ADD model: some questions

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    Hello, I was reading some articles about the ADD model, and I had a few questions about them:

    1)Wht's the difference between missing transverse energy and missing transverse momentum? I suppose one of the 2 is the opposite of the vector sum of the transverse momenta of all the detected particles, and corresponds to the vector sum of the transverse momenta of all the undetected particles, but the other one?

    2)I read articles about monojet and di-jet analysis that are used to calculate bounds on the parameters of the theory, but there are also some other experiments that can be usefull to find bounds? Or those two experiments are the most useful? if yes, why? for example, what about PP->2 photons? or fermion+antifermion->2 photons or 2fermions->2fermions scattering?
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