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Homework Help: Add the 2 tensions together

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Just a quick question, when a single rope has a weight hanging in the middle of it, causing it to form a triangle, and the question asks what the tension in the rope is, do you add the 2 tensions together (if they are the same on both sides) or is the naswer just the one tension?

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    I'd look at it like two identical ropes holding onto the weight... So I don't know why it would make sense to add the tensions.
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    Ask yourself why would you add the two tensions when you already know what they are.
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    Personally, i treat the two tensions as separate as in from hanging from two ropes. Force of habit, but some problems including those ugly pulley probs with mass and especially friction, demand separate consideration. In symmetry situations, I like TODS approach.
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